The Elegant Dispatcher Earrings

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911 Dispatcher Tribute Nine one one, What's your emergency? Keeps replaying in her head. When she lays down at night and she can't sleep instead. Her mind keeps going backwards to when her heart began it's fall. Memories of the other end the night she got the call. She could hear a woman screaming, was it a husband and a wife?. Then she heard the gunshot the night a woman lost her life. There were many times before when on a call she'd wait. But she prayed she'd never see the call that came too late. Nine one one, What's your emergency? He said into the phone. “I can't find my mommy and I think I'm here alone”. He tried to reassure her and to keep her on the line. One more family murdered there wasn't enough time. So he lives his life these days beneath a blanket of the shame. As he now bears the burden of his own misplaced blame. The rise and fall of all mankind right from the very start. Buried deep within the trenches inside a dispatchers heart. Praying still with all their heart someday the world will see. All that's taking place today is not how it has to be. Like a ship safe in the harbor still subject to the fall. Each day a brand new heartache as they're witness to it all. Depravity in someones mind who's passions have run wild. Buried in a shallow grave, now remnants of a child. Haunted by what's taken place they never will be free. As they wait for the answer to, what's your emergency? Edwin C Hofert